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CD | Mixed Genre
so i wanted to make as random a mix as possible, to avoid any gimmicks. If one thinks about it though, might the idea to make a random mix also be considered a gimmick?
CD | Theme
When I finished this mix, i realised the title was a bit deceiving. it was supposed to be my favourite songs ever, but i couldn't do that because so many of them are on other mixes and i wanted this to …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Possibly the first mix i ever made. a piece of history here, and props to tom who made it with me.
CD | Theme
a soundtrack to an imaginary movie in my head.
CD | Theme - Narrative
Okay, if someone can come up with a name for this clearly romantic themed cd, post it, and i'll pick the best (or only) one, and it will be renamed it. Also, this is a theoretical mix, so if anyone mak …
CD | Theme
so wednesdays are always strange days for me, so this mix tries to be epic and encapsulate everything in a wednesday. i like the order of songs, like how ryan adams and the white stripes link, and how  …
CD | Theme
An audio snapshot of my recent trip to salt lake. it was a mess, like this mix.
CD | Theme
this is just a mix about my favourite time of day - about 2-3am when i get out of work. it is also helping me get through what has been a particularly rough weekend so far.
CD | Theme
this is a mix about a particular person. it's also generally about the first time you look at someone after realising you're attracted to them.
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