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CD | Mixed Genre
These are my favorite songs of the moment spanning a few genres. I wanted my friends to learn some new music and I wanted to give them a piece of me which is in a bunch of these songs. I'm happy with i …
CD | Mixed Genre
It's just songs about angst mixed in with what causes it.
CD | Theme - Depression
This mix is just a little therapy for my soul. The music kills me, but makes me happy nonetheless. It's very mellow and can be found to be depressing, but it's nice and becomes optimistic by the last t …
CD | Theme
A work in progress. A 2 Cd mix. Give & Take. Pretty self-explanatory!
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
My newest venture into the R&B territory. Thanks to Elvis Costello for posting his 500 favorite albums in Vanity Fair this year, I was able to learn much more about this genre. I love it. I think this  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Just a weird blend of good tunes!
CD | Mixed Genre
Impossible to explain this one, but it's nostalgic and fun.
CD | Single Artist
Just a mix of some of my favorites from a great singer/songwriter.
CD | Pop
One of the first mixes I made from Napster. This mix is just a bunch of songs I had on 45's or cassette singles that I wanted to update to a CD. Or they were one-hit wonders or former singers from a ba …
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