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Cassette | Mixed Genre
i made this for a longtime friend that i kept saying i would make a mix for- just a bunch of stuff i thought he'd like or should hear. it took me forever; i was being more picky than usual.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is the Chicago soundtrack I made for my boyfriend. I committed not one, but two (count em, two) cardinal sins in that i used the same radiohead and queens of the stone age on my last mix. however, …
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this mix for my dad; it's all the stuff he walks around singing and for all those times when he inquires about a song (ie. Queens of the Stone Age, Wilco, etc.). I would've liked to use some dee …

J-Ska's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Mixed Genre
I can't take this tape out of my tape player. I absolutely love this mix!! I particularly like the Yo La Tengo, Ryan Adams, and Springsteen. Absolutely perfect.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I absolutely LOVE this mix, and have already almost warn out the tape. I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Chuck Berry, Mats, and yes, even the Huey Lewis and the News. I love you!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I could never choose just one of your mixes to be my favorite, but I have to start with this one because you're on it. I love this mix, and I absolutely love you.

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