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CD | Mixed Genre
I started working on this back in September, oddly enough. It was going to be the third of my "2SER mixes" (have a look on my profile page for the contents of those) for when I was doing the Saturday n …
CD | Alternative - Punk
Contents should be fairly self-explanatory, title from the Electric Eels song. If anyone can tell me why I keep wanting to spell "Eels" with three e's, I'll be much obliged. Oh, and: if you're bothered …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Actually a sort of two-disc set (I made them a week apart, but it makes sense to combine them in one entry). I made both of these to take in with me to the radio station 2SER in Sydney for when I did t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Clocking in at just under 59 minutes, this is the shortest mix I've made in years. Normally I try and make these things 75 minutes or more, but when I tested the above list as a work-in-progress I real …
CD | Pop
Yes, even the Devo track has guitars. You've been warned. Not everything is equally guitar-driven, but if you're one of those hipsters who's allergic to electric guitars, every track here should have s …
CD | Mixed Genre
Back in '03 I went through a bit of an "incredibly strange music" phase, largely driven by Otis Fodder's 365 Days mp3 project. This... thing here is made up of tracks I found back then via Otis Fodder  …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
After a ridiculously long absence, I return to AOTM bearing the gift of darkness. Before anyone can snipe at me, I am well aware that several of the tracks here are not "goth" per se. I don't care, eit …
CD | Mixed Genre
An excuse to clear a varied assortment of mp3s onto a CD (or at least it will be when the CD drive is fixed, something I *still* haven't got around to doing all these months later), which is why it per …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
My CD drive is currently, as they say in the classics, screwed. For whatever reason it's refusing to acknowledge that there is anything in the drive when I put a disc in. Consequently I'm left without  …
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