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CD | Pop
Not much to say about this one. Made it with a friend in mind whose musical tastes are not exactly diametrically opposed to mine, but, well, she likes things like Train, Taxiride, Tal Bachman, Blood Sw …
CD | Single Artist
Compilation made for some friends in the US, drawn from the first two studio albums, the odds-n-sods compilation "Half Alive", plus the live and demo bonus material from the recent CD issues of the stu …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
There comes a time in seemingly every AOTM member's posting life that they produce a CD full of people performing songs by other folks. And I know someone else has already used the title here, but I do …
CD | Mixed Genre
A somewhat belated follow-up to my earlier series, made for Thomas Mohr. As with the other discs in the series, I made a particular effort to use only one track from each band featured, although some i …
CD | Mixed Genre
This one grew out of a late night conversation on the aus.culture.gothic newsgroup a few weeks back, which ended with me offering to make a mix CD for a friend on the group who, by her own admission, d …
CD | Theme
OK, so it's not *quite* A-Z, but near enough. This mix was inspired somewhat by the estimable teapin's "Dusseldorf Cold Water Flat", which I urge everyone to investigate. Basically does what it says on …
CD | Mixed Genre
A bloody hard mix to pull off, with lots of reshuffling and dropping of planned tracks involved. Took ages to realise the Hawkwind track really needed to be the first and not the second thing on the di …
CD | Pop
After a longish layoff I return, bearing a mix full of guitars and rocking. That's what it's about. No other abstruse guiding principles. The highlight is, of course, the astonishing extravaganza that  …
CD | Theme
The aim with this one was to come up with a series of songs that I find highly repetitive in various ways, be they structural (e.g. one chord pattern going through the entire song) or lyrical (e.g. "He …
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