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CD | Pop
I was once accused (along with a stack of other people) by someone on a message board somewhere of not liking music which is popular. (The person in question is webmaster for Australian ska band Area 7 …
CD | Theme
The passing of Mr George Harrison (who kicks off this compilation) inspired this mix, which may be considered morbid if not overtly ghoulish, depending on how you view it. Basically the title says it a …
CD | Single Artist
Another mix for the estimable lo-fi jr (if the weather permits, I'll finally send this and that Killing Joke mix to him tomorrow). This represents a fairly happy boiling down of the first three albums  …
CD | Single Artist
A mix for lo-fi jr... hope he likes it, he's waited long enough for it :) Designed as something of an alternative/companion to the offical KJ compilations "Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!" and "Wilful Days …
CD | Theme
The inspiration for this mix comes from an idea I've had for a radio show, whereby I highlight the sort of alternative 70s music that basically doesn't get much in the way of airplay (at least not here …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Simple trick. Just loaded my 350-odd mp3s into Winamp, hit shuffle, hit play, and noted down the first 20 tracks it played at me. Voila! Instant mix! Just an experiment to see what it would actually co …
CD | Single Artist
A little bit under 76 minutes worth of the artist formerly known as Adrian Thaws. Admittedly there's nothing off "Nearly God", "Blowback" or "Angels With Dirty Faces" (nor indeed that other thing he di …
CD | Mixed Genre
The Idlewild tune is an acoustic version performed live-to-air on the Steve Lamacq show in Britain. Otherwise, nothing much needs to be said about this mix.
CD | Theme
A follow-up to my earlier "Eighties" mix. Chose to open and close with the two Ministry tracks cos they illustrate nicely just how much that band changed over the space of a decade. This may also be th …