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CD | Mixed Genre
Apparently, 2005 is the year I began to embrace vagina music. I still hate Ani DiFranco, though.
CD | Theme
Halloween 2005. AKA, I was a teenage goth for about five minutes in 1994.
Cassette | Theme - Sleep
Another mix made for my trip to Montana in August. Equally great for lounging lakeside or lazing under a tree in a hammock.
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Alternating DJ by mail, completed October 2005. My contributions are the odd numbered songs on each side. Fun, fun project. Round two is underway, as are matches with other mixers. Always up for a new  …
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Upbeat, sing-along tunes mixed in July 2005 for my trip to Montana in August
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Side A mixed in March 2002. Side B mixed in November 2002, in time for a cross country road trip for Thanksgiving. I've not listened to it in a long time and have been searching for this tape for weeks …
CD | Theme
November 2004. The idea of "the feminine condition" comes loaded with all of that negative, Freudian bullshit, and so does this mix.
Cassette | Single Artist
Fall 2003. I needed some Damo for my car. It's nothing like my usual brand of driving music, but it works really well all the same. I think it is the sing-along factor.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
September 2004
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