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Something to sleep to. Maybe.
Cassette | Theme
It's about and for a girl. I think she's kinda bad.
CD | Mixed Genre
I'm poor and generally unskilled in various artforms, so I decided to make my mom a CD of stuff she likes for Mother's Day. Hopefully, she'll enjoy it. If not, I guess I could trace my hand on a sheet  …
CD | Theme
I like to party on the disco round, oh, yeah.
CD | Country
From time to time, I see country mixes posted. Everybody likes their alt-country, and once in a while, a brave soul will post some country/pop. I was in the mood for some serious beer drinkin', whiskey …
CD | Theme
An exploration of the music of Ohio. All of the bands have some connection to my home state. A member was born there and/or the band originated in Ohio. I guess Ohio really is the heart of it all. At l …
CD | Theme
The theme here is exotic dancing. I think all of these would make great strip routines. This was inspired by my first ever trip to a strip club, an experience I don't know that I care to repeat in the  …
CD | Pop
Just some music that makes me want to bust out the party dress and bananna clips and dance. Gee, I hope Jake Ryan asks me to the big school dance on Friday night!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I've got somethin' to say! This is a tribute to one of my favorite characters, "Strangers With Candy's" Jerri Blank. Fourty-two year old former junkie whores are HILLARIOUS! Comedic genius. Enjoy.