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CD | Mixed Genre
Haven't been around Art of The Mix for over a year and a half. It's nice to be back. This is just an introspective mix with a motif of escapism and running away. The title of the mix comes from the Col …
CD | Theme - Depression
A mix for anyone who's been down the road of loneliness and despair.
CD | Pop
The other day, I made a special trip to Tower Records by Lincoln Center to seek out the new Eurythmics CD-single called "I've Got A Life." I had to go to Tower to get it because it was an import from t …
CD | Single Artist
During some of the darkest days of high school in the early-mid 90s, I could always count on Ian Broudie to help me through the gloom. I still turn to his music frequently to cheer me up. Uplifting, po …
CD | Single Artist
I've always loved Brian Eno's ambient music, especially the tracks that seem to flow on into infinity. 'Ikebukuro,' in particular, has always been one of my favorite pieces of music. The edited selecti …
CD | Single Artist
This is the second volume of Macca tracks I compiled (please see the notes for volume one for further details). Between the two CDs, I've tried to feature material from each of Paul's solo albums (incl …
CD | Single Artist
Paul McCartney is my favorite musical artist. After enjoying his latest album 'Chaos and Creation In The Backyard' and seeing him live at Madison Square Garden last week, it occurred to me how many son …
CD | Mixed Genre
A little bit of everything here: Party hard, neon lit 80s dance, dub, state of Grace via Roxy Music, classy Blur, quirky Laurie, chill out on the beach, and all wrapped up with Marianne out for blood a …
CD | Mixed Genre
My friend Jennifer from Florida mentioned once to me that when she goes out to look at the stars at night, she can always locate Orion's belt and another unknown constellation, which she calls Jenny's  …
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