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CD | Theme - Depression
Setting: My car is no longer in drivable condition, I'm sitting here alone on a Saturday night in my room listening to music, and my birthday is in a week. I'll be 22 years old, and most likely, I'll b …
CD | Theme - Depression
I'm at work and bored out of my mind here by myself. This CD is playing on repeat in the background, providing an introspective mood all around me. As I think more and more about all the garbage that h …
CD | Mixed Genre
A natural flow of thought led me to this mix. Reflecting on the events of the past few weeks, and especially the end of a great friendship and maybe more, I started reconstructing the events in my head …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This mix was made as a goodbye to a very special girl. She had everything I've ever wanted in a girl, but there were some outside factors keeping things from working out. I like to think of it as "righ …
CD | Mixed Genre
Just something that I threw together for the reading that I had to do for a quiz in the class Sara and I have together. Being able to say "we'll be fine" when we were going over the material was a good …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This is a mix of the best pop/punk/emo songs that have meant something to me over the past couple of years. I broke some of my rules on this one...more than two songs by one band, all same genre, etc,  …
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