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Cassette | Pop
Kat's Classics presents 1990 (Volume 1) - The second in a LONG line of compilations of songs from each year from around 1988 onwards. Why 1988? Because I'm too young to remember any further back. I was …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
When you like as many songs as I do it's hard to pick a top 1,000 let alone 90 minute's worth. These are 22 (of about 30) that I have played the most on my computer since I started collecting MP3's bac …
CD | Single Artist
Disc 3 of 3. Before I do my little sypnosis, I have to say I don't like the song "Baby Grand". I have only included it because it was a single. If you're still expecting just the hits, however, think a …

KatCassidy's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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