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My odalisque stretched out on the velvet divan sipping on her plum liqueur. The grey night suckled at the smudged windows as a festival of stars blinked between the discontented clouds. "Is it Jasper's …
CD | Theme
Did a 1987 mix on cassette some time back and thought I'd see how it worked on CD.(Only repeated myself once I think). America was about to unleash grunge and England was soon to embrace indie dance wh …
CD | Pop
There will be some who will shiver with fear when they see this selection but sometimes you want to celebrate the cheesiness of pop. Of course secretly I prefer Neutral Milk Hotel, Joy Division, Apples …
CD | Theme
The final instalment and I think the best.Some of these bands almost collided with the public's consciousness.A mix-winning quiz.Hmm,one that can outwit Moe.How about what connects 4 and 7?
CD | Theme
Third mix in the series.This has more of a British tint although one band come from somewhere best reached by plane (if you live in the UK or US that is).Name the band,name the country,win the mix.
CD | Theme
The second volume of shambly twee pop inspired by The Sound Of Leamington Spa comps.A certain American musician features prominently.Who he or she? Not a prize winning quiz as I'm sure Moe will triumph …
CD | Theme
There is a compilation series called The Sound Of Leamington Spa.This series collects many overlooked bands from the UK who released singles,flexis,cassettes in the eighties and early nineties.Many rec …
CD | Mixed Genre
From my 7" record collection a random adventure among the independent underbelly that the mediocre mainstream neglected.Some of it is so primitive it could have been the first musical attempts by cavem …
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Hardly an original idea as I see several mixers have paid tribute to the Bristol based record label.Many years ago I made a cassette dedicated to Sarah, before the label voluntarily executed itself, so …
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