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There is a glaring omission here, a certain girl group, that I intended to include and then forgot. Obviously there will be more than one obvious omission to AOTM regulars. I genuflect daily to the coc …
CD | Mixed Genre
Why is the alphabet in the order that it is? I started this series at the letter U as it's more challenging to look for artists beginning with the least used vowel. As I discovered there are not many  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Eschewed the obvious stuff like Peaches by the Stranglers and Raspberry Beret by Prince.Unfortunately had to reject John Celery by Big Boy Pete and Haricot Bean And Bill by the Pearlfishers, they were …
CD | Mixed Genre
You may have noticed a theme here........green is my favourite colour but it was too easy making a compilation dedicated to that noble colour. I managed to make this mix without involving Yellow Subma …
CD | Mixed Genre
Made for Moe - a few requests and some current faves
CD | Mixed Genre
No real theme, just songs I want to hear while driving down the Californian coast. Some of the choices are sort of explanatory......Speedbumps because you sophisticated Americans don't bother with such …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
What I've been listening to last week. A mix of old and new. Still don't get the fuss over the Arctic Monkeys, at least here in the UK anyway. They're good but they are not saviours bearing guitars. O …
Cassette | Pop
An addiction to ebay,hence the mix title, has meant you have been deprived of my mixes of late.Find a few ebay acquisitions among this lot.Off to file for bankruptcy.
Cassette | Pop
A mix for an Artofthemix visitor who was in dire need of Linda Jardim's Energy In Northampton.No clues as to what else he wanted so this mix is a mish mash of styles.