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CD | Mixed Genre
Final disc in a set of 3 that I made for my best friend when she moved away... songs that remind me of New York, songs that remind me of her, songs that we have inside jokes about, and just a modge pod …
CD | Mixed Genre
Disc 2 in a set of 3 that I gave to my best friend before she moved away. These are about, well, staying positive and keeping your eye on your life goals.
CD | Mixed Genre
My best friend moved away at the beginning of the month to return to the city she calls home. This is disc 1 of the mix I gave her when she left, which is both about nostalgia and the love/hate relatio …

Katy123's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by Amy Y.
CD | Theme
I don't know most of the bands on this mix, but I relate to the story SO well. And the inclusion of Built to Spill makes me super happy. I've been waiting to meet a boy like the one described in the st …
Cassette | Theme - Depression
This is more like what a breakup mix would look like if I had a reason to make one now. This is an awesome mix. Although I'd add some Ataris.
by Hulka
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Classic, Punk Rock Anthems. Definately some stuff on here I don't care too much for also, but overall, awesome mix.

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