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CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix I made for myself. I never got to experience the whole "going away to college and living in a dorm" thing. But for some reason, when I listen to these songs, I can imagine what it would  …
CD | Mixed Genre
I had my music player randomly select the songs I had on my computer, and this is what popped out. I just moved some of them around a bit. Quite an interesting mix...older songs, newer songs, pop-punk …
CD | Mixed Genre
Just a CD I made of songs that have been running through my head for the past few weeks, and for being sort of an eclectic mix, they flow together surprisingly well. Seeing all of the other mixes on h …
CD | Theme
Just a mix that I made for myself at home. Life is a combination of all these complicated feelings...being in love, losing someone you care about, the moments where you realize how beautiful life real …