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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is the music I listen to when a bunch of girls are catty about how ugly I am. These music files will only work for about a month since the time they were last downloaded.
Cassette | Single Artist
I got tired of typing "Tori Amos" over and over, so just bear with me and know that they're all her songs. =D This is the story of Tori's character 'Daisy Dead Petals' and how I always thought her life …
CD | Single Artist
Many of Tori's songs refer to religion, yet quite a few people hear one or two of them and immediately label her as the anti-Christ. This mix is an attempt to fix that.

Kragey's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by N.1
Cassette | Single Artist
Part 2 of a great Tori tape.
by N.1
Cassette | Single Artist
Part 1 of a great Tori tape.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Nice selection, and it really does work!

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