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CD | Mixed Genre
Quiet instrumentals.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
After an hiatus due to illness I then suffered a bit of mixer's block, rendering me a bit ga-ga when it came to figuring out, well, the basics of putting together a mix. So, I enlisted Claude, kind sou …
CD | Mixed Genre
There have been a few without-AOTM-I'd-be-nothing mixes lately (and I did a few mixer-specific dedication mixes last year), so I thought I'd offer my thanks to all you AOTM fishes with a few mixes docu …
Cassette | Jazz
61. Air - G. v E. (Air-Time, 1977) 62. Art Ensemble of Chicago - 597-59 (Nice Guys, 1978) 63. Colin Walcott - Codona (Codona, 1978) 64. Ralph Towner - Waterwheel Ralph (Batik, 1978) 65. Oregon - Waterw …
CD | Mixed Genre
for my Grandmother.
CD | Single Artist
When you immerse yourself in a genre, as I have been for days trying to put together my jazz sagas of the 60s & 70s, you get a bit ... drained. My next mix was to be my 70s outing, but it needs a wee b …
CD | Jazz
An addendum to Jazz in the 60s. I figured a solid 81 artists was a good intro to the decade! : ) I'm sure I've missed a raft of others, too, but this is my last kick at the 60s. For now. (Jazz in the 7 …
CD | Mixed Genre
Good bedtime music.
Cassette | Jazz
70s next, then back to the 50s and 40s. (I added, last minute, "The Opening/Interlude: Shovels/The Survivors/Grave Train" from Gary Burton's 1967 jazz opera, A Genuine Tong Funeral, hence there being 1 …
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