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CD | Theme
This is a celebration.That's all.For Alison, and Danni kind of.
CD | Theme
This mix tells you that it's alright being a child lost in the city.This is my personal favorite mix of my own creation.Absolutely for Mallory.
CD | Theme
This is my autumnal mix. It encompasses all of the sounds and emotions and feelings and everything I feel belongs to autumn. It's the answer to my mix entitled "Summer, Autumn."For anyone who is lucky  …
CD | Theme
A mix to transition from summer into autumn. For Melania.
CD | Theme
Home is not home when I'm so alone.For Ali.I miss you.
CD | Mixed Genre
This is just an upbeat mix to celebrate the way life sometimes falls together perfectly. Ignore the parenthesis in the second song, it won't let me post some letter combo. For Mallory.
CD | Theme
The full title is As the sand stretched between our toes, we knew we were home (or, a guide to running from the modern world). It wouldn't all fit. This mix is dedicated to the idea that one can indeed …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
This is for Mallory. She was astonished to hear me reference Joy Division as "goth rock" and violently denied the idea, under the impression that the likes of Slipknot and others are goth. As it turns  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is my favorite and most prided mix. It's very special, and it means a lot to me. I made it for Mallory.