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CD | Theme - Road Trip
I'm heading to Canada in the morning for a week of Beer and Walleye. A little something funky to get the blood flowing. Thanks to Rob C for 1 and 16. Link, eh?
CD | Mixed Genre
I have received and bought so much great music in the last 6 months that I fell out of the habit of exploring the world of free, legal downloads to discover new (to me) bands. Half the fun of this cont …
CD | Mixed Genre
Some fun tunes from a ways back. Link to the past.
CD | Mixed Genre
A recent acquisitions mix spanning 70 years and several thousand miles. A friend's son just returned from 5 years in Africa nd there are several tunes on here that he brought back with him. A nod to Go …
Cassette | Theme
This is a two disc comp of tunes from ANTI- Records releases. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but was inspired to finally complete it by Plushpig's Island Records Pink Label Compilation "Sunday …
CD | Theme
It's all about Bob(s). Inspired by the Drive-By Truckers' tune (LOVE their new disc!) Thanks to Hemizen for Track 7 and RetroJoe for the closer. Bob-O-Link
CD | Mixed Genre
Interesting Instrumentals From Unexpected Sources (some more unexpected than others.) Run time 1 hr. Swingin' link above.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Last January, I made a conscious decision to try to stay on top of new releases much more than I had in the past (I blame you people!), partially to be able to do a Best of 2007 mix. I ended up with ab …
CD | Single Artist
In response to Mahdishain's opening salvo on his attemp to define his Desert Island Favorite Songs list (boy is that going to be a long process if you do this for all of your favorite artists!), I have …
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