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Nothing much to say... Therion began life as a pretty good death metal act, evolved to deliver their magnum opus ("Theli") in 1996 and, since then, they (or he, Christofer Johnsson) have failed to reco …
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As you may have noticed, a third of this is devoted to their much-revered "At the Heart of Winter" LP (except a pair of substandard tracks), a magnificent piece of, as they call it, "blackened thrash m …
CD | Single Artist
Continuing with the series, this time with another high-profile Norwegian act. Emperor is arguably the best of the classic black metal acts, with their astounding mixture of accomplished musicianship a …
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Enslaved are one of those rare metal bands who evolve and still remain pretty consistent (though IMHO there's not a flawless album in their discography). Starting as a black metal band with heavy debts …
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sorry for the delay! Disc 1 = Disc 2 = Disc 3 = Disc 4 = Disc 5 = Disc 6 =
Cassette | Theme
links forthcoming (tomorrow I guess)
Cassette | Theme
Well, this is it, a 6 disc "box-set" compiling the different ways a band in the 70s could be "hard & loud". You'll find straight-ahead 70s rockers, hard-psych goodies, a bit of proto-metal, good ol' do …
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31) Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Howdy! After a long non-mixing period I decided to make this one. I tried to stick to these rules: make if flow, mix all kind of songs and styles, put the occasional odd track, and avoid use of excessi …
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