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CD | Alternative - Punk
This CD was a companion piece to a paper I delivered in April 2004 on a Finnish DIY/punk band called the Silver. This CD features some of my favorites of the "DIY" genre of the 1975-1983 era.
CD | Mixed Genre
My modest contribution to the pile of year-end compilations.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
36 reasons to celebrate Bastille Day. Long live Francophone rock and pop.
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
The goal here is to make that deadly dull patch of freeway between Buttonwillow and Gustine much more tolerable. That's also an area where CHP presence is minimal so if the gas pedal gets a little heav …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Just some of my favorite freakbeat tracks for an upcoming road trip.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This tape was constructed as an answer to a friend's inquiry "I'm really into Sleater-Kinney, is there anything else you can recommend?" So I guess this is a stab at the roots of riot grrlism with the  …
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
I wanted to make a tape that celebrates the spirit of the "DIY" ethos that was also a little off the beaten path. Admittedly this list is anglocentric, but I included some nuggets some the American mid …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
An attempt to transmit to a new-found friend what I like to listen to when I know that her taste in music is far removed from mine and only slightly curious about "punk rock" (the "Killed By Death" com …