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Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
This tape came about after a conversation about the pronunciation of missouri as misery and how that may relate to the works of mr dean wareham.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A chris tape! Alas, mangled and unplayable.
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
I think I made this tape for someone, but never delivered it because I liked it so much! I would like to make this a GYM PLAYLIST but a good portion of this is on vinyl and I can't get it to the mp3 pl …
CD | Pop
Any CD with jolly German dancehall tykes SEEEEEEEEED can only be grebt, eh?
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is the first mix as part of the Human iPod Experiment. This was my original introduction on my website: Whilst lying in bed last night, feeling sick and unable to sleep, I decided that the only vi …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
probably the first tape ever to mix the pines with the fall and the pet shop boys?! first tape made with new stereo and availability of vinyl. gorrr.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
so sue me, i don't know who's responsible for some of the bootleg tracks! beg, borrow or steal a copy of the aislers set peel sessions covering joy divisions "walked in line" btw. it's grebt! and kiki  …
Cassette | Single Artist
Wham Bam Cardigan!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Not listened to a lot of those Welshies in a while...blame associations with an ex-boyfriend. Rest assured I'm doing to dig out the Ankst compilations of yore - I made suprisingly good mix tapes when y …