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CD | Pop
Maybe not, but it's a contender. More of an extended homage to simpler, happier times. I was gonna use Banhart's "Shabop Shalom", and it fits this context much better than any other song of his, but I' …
CD | Pop
The title has nothing to do with the mix, but it's Halloween season and this is my official October 2007 mix - what's more, the songs don't really go together all the way (Radiohead, the Boss, and Hair …
CD | Theme
By far my most superficial, idiotic mix to date, this is quite literally a list, via the song titles, of things I love. Like I love walking barefoot (in grass), I love sea shanties, I love playing the  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Had to edit this down from about 48 tracks, but luckily in retrospect many of them either weren't good enough to keep this company or not easy enough for me to contrive blending them in with the rest ( …
CD | Mixed Genre
R.E.M. added at the last minute because as overused as it may be, it will never be more aptly placed than on a mix conveying the poignancy of summer nights...or at least trying to. Actually I think the …
CD | Pop
Way too many songs for a rock mix, but that also makes it a really epic journey to listen all the way through. Plenty of head-banging cheese on here, and one too many Sum 41 songs shamelessly ripping o …
CD | Pop
A long time ago I should've just started giving these types of mixes a heading, like "The Official Soundtrack: August 2007" or something and then used subtitles to distinguish them, because here I am y …
Cassette | Theme
Taking a page out of the AD6.9. book of creative mix ideas, I...just plain stole this one from him. But I couldn't resist, it seemed like such a fun exercise. This definitely won't be the last time I t …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
The other 2 mixes I made for my impending nuptials (Friday!). Mostly oldies at first (on the first disc), then more '80s gold and a few songs that, if I were even slightly more extroverted, I would lov …
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