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CD | Pop
Sometimes when I think about things - like, ALL things at once, when I try to cram every thought and feeling and experience and person and place and object into my mind at the same time, I am (naturall …
CD | Pop
Songs that move me, even more so in collaboration with one another. I had something in mind about simultaneously looking to the future and waltzing with the past, of celebration and mourning, carrying  …
CD | Theme
Another incoherent ode to life. As I weather its challenges, fail to meet my own expectations, and am beset by an endless supply of personal shortcomings, I remain in awe of life's wonders and in love  …
CD | Pop
CD | Singer/Songwriter
tm Thomas Gray
CD | Theme
What's the occasion? I dunno, spring, life. I was just in a happy, reflective mood for the last couple of days, and needed some music to express myself, to help me bask with proper panache. Couldn't he …
CD | Pop
Just kidding - I never had any indie cred. But I never know how to theme mixes that include more mainstream music like the first 5 tracks on this one, which are all culled from 93.3, the fashionable MT …
CD | Theme
Track 31: "Almost Gold" by The Jesus & Mary Chain Yeah, I know I used J&M Chain on my last mix, but it just felt like too perfect a coda for this new one, so I couldn't resist. "The Ooh Ooh Song" and " …
Cassette | Theme
This has been gestating for a while, hence many bands that I don't really listen to as much anymore. But still, I knew I had to make an ultimate party mix at some point, one that used as many great son …
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