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CD | Pop
This is a mix with something for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. For instance, Morrissey AND Dollar on the same mix? With my reputation? What was I thinking?
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
First posting in a long time. All these songs remind me of someone! The Saw Doctors one is for my little 3 year old son - this was the first song I heard after he was born!
Cassette | Theme - Depression
A real rip snorter of a tape for long journeys alone. Nice to compare Tori and Joe's version of Joe's song. Sometimes it just feels so good to hurt that much... (sorry about the Phil Collins track but  …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
OK, I've written the novel, the screenplay, the incidental soundtrack music - here are the rest of the songs to make my dream complete - apart of course from the casting, money, locations and the actua …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Henry VIII lookalike for hire - soon to be made redundant and looking for work! Oh what the hell, I'll listen to this tape again instead. How much Tom Petty can you get on one compilation???
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme
Songs for those moments of utter alone. From my single years. Happily married now of course, but I still listen to it...
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A special tape from Dr Runagall's cupboard of medicines to make you feel good - possibly the finest stocked music collection in Essex - and STILL on my car cassette player.
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Just a damn good driving tape for when I am on the A303 in my adopted home county of Somerset. Bring on them sunsets and drives up to Glastonbury!