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Welcome, Mr. Mixxer. Please take a seat between Mr. Meyer and Ms. Mulligan.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
I lent my son the car to move his stuff, and sent this along for musical accompaniment.
CD | Pop
1 - 5. Soul Featured instrument: Hammond organ 6 - 10. Folk Featured instruments: fiddle, dulcimer, finger-picked acoustic guitar 11 - 17. Psychedelic Featured instruments: sitar, various electric key …
CD | Alternative - Punk
A collection of rabble-rousers from 1975-1983. Filing this under "Punk," which is at least 75-83% accurate. The mix is arranged so that female voices are heard on the even-numbered tracks. On the cove …
CD | Pop
72 minutes. This is a mix of songs sung partly or entirely in French, by singers whose primary language is not French. The Krolls' frontlady Masha Andreychikova is Russian. So is Regina Spektor, but R …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This mix got kicked off when doowad sent an email saying "Oye, gabacho, tus mixes no tienen ning·n sentido," which I mistranslated as "Let's do an alt-DJ mix." I picked the Manß track sort of at rando …
CD | Pop
73m48s. Many thanks to fyfas for introducing me to the Jenny Lewis track, and lo-fi jr on the Black Mountain track. I made a few copies of this mix and sent them to relatives in December. Reaction was …
CD | Classical
A mix of pieces for solo piano. It includes several selections by (what are tactfully known in the classical world as) "living composers." The title is from track 19. Run time 64m48s. In case that is  …
CD | Pop
67m23s. Many thanks to magnificent mixers Salman1 and Barrydali for the Mary Weiss and Emma Pollack tracks, respectively. #2 is in 3/4 time #4 has a wicked bassoon part #6 final release w/ group 1967, …
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