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CD | Pop
67m23s. Many thanks to magnificent mixers Salman1 and Barrydali for the Mary Weiss and Emma Pollack tracks, respectively. #2 is in 3/4 time #4 has a wicked bassoon part #6 final release w/ group 1967, …
CD | Pop
The S.C.O.T.S. track is a cover of the Kinks. The Ponys track appears courtesy of French Connection via deja_vu_all_over_again. Links to a couple of ladies who are not in the mix: Ken Harris posted a  …
CD | Pop
There always seems to be a lot of 1960s pop and soul coming across my desk. I'm very fortunate that way. So now it's time to go thru the pile looking for gems, and make a mix. Many thanks to awesome m …
CD | Pop
72min. All songs are performed by a duo consisting of one male and one female. (In a few cases there are additional members who, for whatever reason, stay out of the limelight although they no doubt h …
CD | Classical
01-03. íTurn off that freakin' reggaet=n! 04-07. Practice the piano, 08-10. stop fighting with your brother, 11-13. take care of the pets, 14-15. and get yourself a job. 16-23. THEN you can go out dan …
CD | Dance - House
Mostly dance and dance pop, with one each of trance, italo-house, and electropunk. Plus, one of whatever you wish to classify "Crazy" as. Run time 61m15s. Highly recommended if you are going dancing,  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
The Alternating DJ Devil dropped by the playground and tapped those two innocent kids on the shoulder for a followup session. This time it's Mixxer on impairs and Barrydali on pairs. (That's French fo …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
75m34s. Arranged by genre of the cover: 1-4 rock & pop 5-8 acoustic 9-10 metal & alternative 11 electronic 12-14 dance 15 soul 16 J-pop 17 a cappella 18-19 country & bluegrass 20 mixed genre within so …
CD | World
01. The phone rang at 6 A.M. Our long lost friends! 02. Most passengers on the train to Bamako were blind. 03-05. After the rioters dispersed, all the kids wanted to dance. 06. The Queen of AxT extend …
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