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CD | Pop
01-06. Asphalt 07-09. Dance floor 10-12. Water 13-19. Love, on the upside 20-26. Love, on the downside 62m17s. All 60s music, some obscure and some well-known. Many thanks to felipe_x for "Don't Drag  …
CD | Classical
EXCERPTS FROM OPERAS 01-04 Bars, taverns, saloons 05-09 Banquets, balls, receptions 10-12 Weddings 13-15 They've gone country 16-17 Things go better with coke 18-21 Many reasons to celebrate 22-23 Pri …
CD | Theme
Living and loving... on the 'Net! 1: Intro 2-6: Hooking Up Online 7-8: Breaking Up Online 9-12: Internet Addiction 13: Copyright Infringement 14: Information Overload 15-16: Misrepresenting Your Age o …
CD | Pop
Disclaimer: This information is unofficial, and solely represents the personal opinion of Mixxer. Where do AOTMers live? How old are they? Are they musicians? Predominantly USA, Canada, UK, and Northe …
CD | Pop
Filing this under "Rock/Pop," but there is also a bunch of alt-country here. The ladies in this mix have been making outstanding music for a decade or two. Along the way, they have reconfigured their  …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
You cannot annoy your teenage kids by complaining about their hip-hop music. That only gives them satisfaction, reinforcement, and encouragement. If you seriously want to annoy your teenagers, here's  …
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
This is a selection of mostly fun-type covers that are not in the same language as the song they are covering. The title of the original song is in column 3, along with its language if not English. (It …
CD | Theme - Narrative
It was the Old Testament days. The people were living in exile in Babylon. In Susanna's town, they were governed by horny and corrupt judges. This narrative follows the Biblical text of Susanna. The st …
Cassette | Classical
This is a collection of operatic excerpts featuring femmes fatales in lethal moments. Info in is the composer and title. As you can imagine from the scene descriptions, these excerpts tend to …
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