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CD | Pop
Thanks to the good folks at Spectropop and Tweedledum, I collected bunches of obscure 60s pop songs, and finally sorted thru to create a CD's worth of the best. <"Best" is solely determined by my perso …
CD | Pop
Most of this is relatively mainstream (mot inconnu chez AOTM) rock and pop that has appeared on the Top 40 (quel horreur, disent mes copains) in France or Quebec. The Zouk song is from Martinique. (Zou …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Both songs are highly associated with wild 'n' crazy parties. For "Louie Louie" that would be a beer-soaked frat bash, like the ones at fictional Faber College in the movie Animal House. For "Iko Iko"  …
CD | Pop
Each song in this mix is based on an opera. Some are rock or pop (or soul or techno) remakes of operatic arias; others are songs that take their story or characters from some classical opera. Notes on …
CD | Pop
Tracks 1-5 are dedicated to Kim Deal, who turns 43 in a few days. Then the mix took on a life of its own. The title is from "Telephone Hour."
CD | Mixed Genre
The traditional definition of a two step is "a kind of round dance in march or polka time." Later it became "a quick-tempo Country & Western dance." On the UK dance scene it refers to "the latest UK da …
CD | Theme
She did her famous dance in Galilee in 30 A.D., but Mark's writeup did not even call her by name. She finally got star billing 1862 years later, in the play SalomT by Wilde (that's Oscar, not Kim). Her …
CD | Pop
The spriritual godfather of Country Rock, Gram Parsons, appears here with the Byrds, and also gets songwriting credit on "Christine's Tune." Ryan Adams gets 2 turns (once with Whiskeytown), as do those …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
This is a selection of soul songs from the 1960s, mostly from either Motown or Memphis. (The Formations were from Philly.) This was the peak creative period of soul music. By the 1970s, this branch of  …