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CD | Mixed Genre
These are songs that take their theme, and maybe even a few lines of their text, from the Bible. The sources are cited in case anybody is curious about the original. While you are at it, check out the  …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Just a little courtship drama. Note: The first "Hot Hot Hot" is a cover of the famous 1983 soca tune by Arrow, of which most wedding reception DJs play the Buster Poindexter 1987 cover. The second one  …
CD | Theme - Break Up
Most of these folks agree - don't look back. (P.S. The 6 "Don't Look Back"s are different songs, not covers.)
CD | Theme
15 favorites from among the wealth of songs that refer either to Venus the planet, or Venus the goddess of love and desire. (In VU's case, the desire is to be whipped). Not exactly world music, but her …
CD | Mixed Genre
AoTMers have posted many cool 26-song A to Z mixes here lately, and this is my humble addition. Stretched a little on I, U and V - other suggestions welcome.
CD | Pop
It had to be a surprise so I took notes surreptitiously about songs she liked. Filtered out stuff that was too gimmicky (e.g. Hampton the Hampster ) and stuff I did not approve of ("I have 37 pair …
CD | Theme
These are all different songs, not covers. Dancing the night away is a really, really, really good idea.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Lyrics to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" are in print as far back as 1925. Depending which legend you prefer, the reference is either to the cloudy appearance of the eyes with untreated cataracts, or to a guy who t …
CD | Theme
Always know where the exits are. Stay out of crowded firetrap nightclubs. At home, check your smoke detectors once a month. Make sure fire extinguishers are handy and they are charged.