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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Lyrics to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" are in print as far back as 1925. Depending which legend you prefer, the reference is either to the cloudy appearance of the eyes with untreated cataracts, or to a guy who t …
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Always know where the exits are. Stay out of crowded firetrap nightclubs. At home, check your smoke detectors once a month. Make sure fire extinguishers are handy and they are charged.
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-----CEC: What do Cajuns wear? -----Doc Rock: Blue jeans and LSU T-shirts.... -----Tee-Joe: Well sure, blue jeans & LSU T-shirts for formal occasions. But what about casual affairs??? -----Doc Rock: Ho …
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These are some original songs where one of their covers is far better known than the original. Many are R&B, some are from other genres. Kitty was covered by Toni Basil under the title "Mickey" in 1981 …
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Made this for a friend in the hospital. It hastened his recovery by a week. ---------- Petrus and Barry Kunzel are covers of Roxette; all the others are completely different songs.
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