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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
The girlie pop series hits number 9 (number 9, number 9...) with a third collection of female-fronted Beatles covers (plus a few songs inspired by the fab four). I've tried to limit this series within  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A little something for Popkulcher, who recently returned from a scream-filled Spring Break at Disney World while I stayed home making this mix and watching the Surreal Life marathon on VH-1. Da Brat is …
Cassette | Theme
This mix is brought to you by the letter J, which is the first letter in Joe Raposo, whose wonderful music inspired this CD (posted as a cassette, so I could squeeze in all the songs). Raposo, who died …
CD | Microsound
A little something thrown together for the lovely Jamie B, in an effort to reciprocate for the two wonderful looking mixes she compiled for me recently. We both like sunshine pop, twee pop, psych pop - …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
The latest girlie pop is a pure and simple collection of some of my favorite female-fronted covers, both old and new. The Petra Haden track is from her latest CD, which is a cover of the entire The Who …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix made for Sport!, whose own excellent eclectic mixes inspired this one. I briefly considered doing an all-sports themed mix, but I'll leave that to someone more capable, like Joey De Vivre or Nest …
CD | Theme
Yes, it's the series that refuses to die! This could be the most Beach Boys-esque Pet Soundalikes yet, and a few of the people who've already received copies tend to agree. It only took me five volumes …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is the first mix I've been able to burn under my own roof, thanks to a generous gift of an eMac from my wife and mother for Christmas. Those who know me are probably tired of my constant whining a …
CD | Theme
Is there anything more cloyingly wonderful than children singing Christmas songs? Thomas Mohr and I don't think so, which is why we compiled this Christmas edition of Kids Rock! for your holiday listen …
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