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12/31/99 MCM, 1/1/00 MM.I had been introduced to Ministry via Twitch and found NIN and Front 242 on my own. I'd heard about this guy from Florida, and my daughter and her friends (graduating class of 1 …
CD | Mixed Genre
Rob's sheer genius of For The Hell Of It and Wibbles brilliant ska memories jacked my head for the entire weekend. Hopefully, neither will be offended, but this is a tribute to you both. DO CARRY ON!!
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Title came up when I entered a phrase in English into, and asked the page to translate from English to German.They play with fire.How I "met" this band: I was working at Blockbuster …
CD | Theme - Depression
No comment.
CD | Mixed Genre
Um.Started by watching Southland Tales, the second film by the writer/director of Donnie Darko, and in the middle of the madness one sees Justin Timberlake lip-syncing the opening cut while he wanders  …
CD | Theme - Break Up
Or: Isn't there an exit somewhere for you? Oh, yes. Here it is. You Get Off Here. First, this mix began with the last MOTW, "She Made Me Do It," which I have had on repeat since I downloaded it. It sta …
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Frankly, I didn't even TRY to be complete here. Is that even possible? Of all of the artists in my collection, Mr. Young is consistently at the top of favorites. No matter my mood, Neil is there, has b …
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What did he say? Don't look back, something might be catching up. Yeah. Well. There it is. Certain things caught up. Can't say I was surprised, some things are ... well ... natural. Time has taken its  …
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Have some pop on me.