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CD | Mixed Genre
A great sentiment and a great sequence of songs (but a difficult title to write on a CD).
Oh yeah, and that last song is a swizz, on my copy it was only 4'32" long :)
CD | Theme
You may not know the songs or the versions but these are all, as it says on the cover, 'gems'.
CD | Theme
There's obviously a lot of research and track hunting that went into the production of this mix, and it shows. Lovingly produced and lovely to listen to.
Cassette | Microsound
I asked Gene for two mixes he was proud of (a trick I learnt from Curtis, who did it to me on our first trade) and I got this and zer:0-sQuared.
What you get with a g.a.b labs production is a close listening experience; this is music you can wear (as it seems Gene often does) to augment your environment. If people choose to wear various tints of shades to alter their visual world, why shouldn't they also be aloud allowed to augment their aural world ?
This taps in to that same zen ethos of listening that leads to John Cage's 4'33" - But is is it music ? Who cares, if it sounds good, wear it!
Cassette | Electronic - Ambient
Another classic g.a.b. l@bs product, this pair of disks have been in heavy rotation recently and deservedly so. Great tracks, great sequencing, great art. I said it before & I'll say it again,
Bring on the miscellaneous din!