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CD | Pop
During a discussion about Hilary Duff or whatever the hell her name is, my daughter (age 11) asked me what I used to listen to. I made this for her. "Those all sound like the songs on TV commercials,"  …
MP3 Playlist | Pop
Nice to be back posting again after a long absence. The songs ought to tell you where I've been the last year or so ...
CD | Theme
Some quiet things for after dark.
CD | Theme
Various folky-pop-countrified sweet-and-sad female singers I've been listening to and enjoying lately. Entered as a theme mix because I couldn't find "folky-pop-countrified sweet and sad" at first glan …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Some loosely structured soul, some R&B, some hip-hop, some acid jazz, some blues, some funky things, all kinda sticky for the last days of summer.
CD | Theme
I had some classical music on the other day inside the house while some guys down the street were parked out in front of their friend's house blasting some rap music. During the silences between the cl …
CD | Single Artist
I grew up on early Hall and Oates, when they started as singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars. But I winced a little when they started the pop pap of the 1980s, though some of the songs were kinda s …
CD | Single Artist
My take on Bruce Springsteen. With such a body of work, I know everyone's will be different. But the mediocrity of the new record inspired me to make this ...
CD | Jazz
A few of my favorite jazz duets that I've been meaning to throw together.
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