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Today is my son's 5th birthday, and this is his first mix. About a month ago I made the suggestion of making a mix to hand out to everyone that comes to his birthday party instead of gift bags. He knew …
CD | Mixed Genre
1. Song Intro 2. Song about driving 3. Song from a compilation 4. Song that includes movie clips 5. Song I taught my son before he could walk 6. Song from an album everyone should own (New York) 7. Son …
CD | Mixed Genre
This started as a generic "My shuffle player picked these songs" mix, but I found that too many times I was going back and choosing other songs by the artist chosen by my shuffler. Finally I decided on …

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Death before Life, or Life after Death?
CD | Theme - Road Trip
The best mixes often come with the best stories...
CD | Mixed Genre
One of my favorite mixes about someone's favorites!!

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