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Cassette | Jazz
There was data, but fuck this? email for details if you care. oh fuck this for sure. "Mingus" indeed
MP3 Playlist | Jazz
Not a mix, really. More of a listening exercise for myself and anyone else who's interested. These tracks at "Four in One" and the 'End Result' at "Step Tempest." No composers' version of "Change of Se …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
"Mr. Blasi has drawn me out of hiding." A recurring theme. I wrote to congratulate him on the Africa box set and its warm reception amongst the cognoscenti. Which led to this. I sent him "the Uh Uh Uh" …
CD | Jazz
John Gilmore, Sun Ra's tenor player for the bulk of Ra's time here on Earth. One of my favorite tenor saxophonists, and if people think that Johnny Griffin or Sonny Stitt don't get …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Malachi Ritscher was a fixture in the Chicago music scene. On Friday, November 3, he chose to self-immolate in protest of the American government's policies and actions. He wrote an explanation and an  …
MP3 Playlist | Inspirational
Who composes? Who performs? Who interprets? This mix adresses none of those questions. What elements comprise culture? What can be learned from field recordings? Did you ever look at a solar eclipse us …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Mr. Blasi has drawn me out of hiding. We chatted briefly about our last collaboration that never quite made it (2/3rds of a masterpiece is often enough) and I sent him that Roland Kirk track. That's Ro …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
The theme is
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
A collaboration with Blasikin. I start, and take the odds, he punches back on the evens. I am quite pleased at how this turned out. Even if it does break mix-making rules. Rules are for assistant princ …
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