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Cassette | Pop
I was recently lamenting the fact that I don't rock much these days so I set out to make a mix that rocked. During this period of time, someone stole my girlfriend's car. Thus, when I got to side B, th …
CD | Mixed Genre
The other mix without vocals meant for my friend to listen to at work. This time I went with instrumentals that are (mostly) not techno. I had more fun putting this one together.
CD | Dance - Techno
A mix requested by a friend. He wanted something new to listen to on his headphones at work to drown out the chatter his coworkers create. And he wanted something without vocals, otherwise he'd be too  …
CD | Mixed Genre
For Christmas I'm giving my 15 year old cousin a copy of Michael Azerrad's "Our Band Could Be Your Life" along with this mix CD. I don't think I'll come across to him as some old guy pushing his old fo …
CD | Mixed Genre
I love how "It Won't Be Long" kicks off With the Beatles, so I do it here. "For No One" is one of the great, underrated Beatles songs. Is there something wrong with putting almost the entire side two o …
CD | Theme
Hello all. I haven't been around here in a while; I missed it here. Took notice of this Frankenstein project and thought I'd give it a whirl, in spite of how played out it seems to be. 1. A song from t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Took me a while to come up with the songs for this gimmick mix. A collection of music that either pays homage to or insults other artists. My main criteria was that the name of the subject being honore …
CD | Theme - Romantic
I intend this mix to be humorous, what with all of the cheesy earnestness oozing from it, but it's a tad nostalgic as well. Reminds me of high school dances, my girlfriend's car stereo, and listening t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Companion mix to the other one I just posted. More mellow, groovy, late night stuff. I pulled a few tracks from another mix since they seemed to fit here. Nope, no apologies for that. Or for the Sneake …
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