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This may be somewhat bitter, but it's been building for several years now. The elections of 2006 give me some hope, but the cynic in me suspects the Democrats will squander their chance to reclaim the  …
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"Otaku" is Japanese for "nerd", especially those focussing on anime & manga. With one exception, the songs on this mix come from the soundtracks to anime series (Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, FLCL, and …
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Alchemists were strange people. Transmuting base metals to gold, immortality, those are understandable goals. But creating a hermaphrodite? I don't get it, but the process's name does give an appropria …
CD | Theme - Sleep
I've been considering this mix for a long time. Yes, the Beatles, Suzanne Vega, & Richard Thompson are amply represented, but they've each got several great songs. The title is a line from Shakespeare.
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This is a pretty self-explanatory Christmas mix I put together for some friends. Well, except for the songs by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Lovecraft wrote horror stories for the pulps in the …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Not much to say about this; just some covers that I like.
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This is the latest of my mixes around tarot cards. These songs about cars, motorcycles, & driving go with the Chariot card (at least they do in my mind).
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This is a reworking of a cassette I did several years ago. I guess I liked the job I did on the tape, because 13 of the songs from it made it to the CD version. I used a rather broad definition of "foo …
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Fairly straight-forward, I think. Songs about the devil.
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