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The Elvis Costello song straddles the border between Envy & Wrath (hence it's position in the mix). I considered using "Alison" instead, but how could I pass up using a song with the line "There's no s …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
A mix of Beatles covers with an awful pun in the title. This collection also includes a handful of parodies & songs done in the Beatles' style (in case you were wondering about "Stairway to Heaven"). I …
CD | Theme
For those who don't speak Latin, the title means "Remember you will die." I somehow managed to find a fair number of up-beat songs for a death-themed mix.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
This mix isn't necessarily designed to be listened to while driving, but the travel based theme fit in with "Road Trip" better than anything else. I created this mix as my submission to a traveling jou …
CD | Theme
The theme here is magic, everything from fairy tales to voodoo. I was rather surprised to find how easy it was to find songs to fit the theme.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
CD | Theme - Depression
Yes, I do realize this is a very odd combination of artists.
CD | Theme
Pretty self-explanatory, I think. This mix is based on a tape I did a year or two ago. It's pretty much the same (with a couple cuts for time), although the original had Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamond …
CD | Theme
No fancy title, but a pretty good mix, if I do say so myself.