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I've been making mix tapes for people since high school, and the digital age has allowed me even more freedom for weird combinations!

kabong Studios http://www.kabong.ca/

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CD | Theme
Officially completed August 10, finally getting around to adding to the site.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Made last year, finally adding to the site! :)
CD | Theme - Road Trip
OK, my first mix in a LONG time! A total mixed bag of stuff I've bought and downloaded over the last little while, all mixed up for my pal J's enjoyment.
MP3 Playlist | Theme
My entry in the ABSMD "Fuck this mix!" challenge. A mix to have on while doing the nasty. YMMV :) Now appearing on a Usenet server near you (1/12/04)
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
The latest MP3 group Cover challenge. Nice mixed batch of stuff. One of these days I'll do a circular cover mix where everybody does each other's songs, but that takes sooo much planning :)
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Silliest mix ever! I made this playlist in iTunes a couple of weeks ago, and have been listening to it regularly ever since. Goofy enough and funky enough to shake your ass with a smile. It's also abou …
CD | Theme
The first alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.d Challenge of 2002! A nice, varied selection of instrumental works, trying to avoid the obvious trap of just putting a bunch of movie themes. I dig it, and hopefully  …
CD | Theme
November's alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.d Challenge, put forth by odl. The orignal idea was 5 of the most down, sad, or depressing songs for you personally, then 5 of the most upbeat or happy tunes. I ended …
CD | Theme
My entry in the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.d Fall Challenge. A moody collection of tunes, with melancholy and loss aplenty. Just the thing for a quiet walk alone in the woods, to watch the leaves turn and …
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