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I've been making mix tapes for people since high school, and the digital age has allowed me even more freedom for weird combinations!

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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
I lied, it's two 80-minute CDs that go together. April Wine rules!
Cassette | Theme
Big props to Moose for the title. I've been meaning to make an 'angry' tape for a while, and finally did it tonight in a fit of creativity and insomnia. If you don't know the lyrics to the songs, all y …
CD | Theme
Part 2 of the Heaven or Hell set, see "To Hell And Back" for Part 1. Note: I had to re-enter this, since it got messed up the first time, so it's not new or anything ;)
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Going to Chicago on the 24th, needed some tunes. Hampered by my lack of Stones tunes, but they're all there.
Cassette | Theme - Narrative
I really liked Jere's idea for his "Warped Romance" mixes, so I brewed up my own. It quickly turned R-rated... Sorry, Jere. :)
CD | Theme
When inspiration strikes at 2am, I usually pay attention... This ended up being the final list, so there ya go. For Some reason the Heaven one isn't showing up in my list! Weird...
CD | Theme
(Disc Two, March 26,2001) Uh, I think I've outdone myself with these two... I just hope Nat likes em! The cover(s) are listed with each disc, so you have to look at them both.
CD | Theme
(Disc One,March 25, 2001) Made for Natalie, a girl I have a bit of a crush on :) This is actually a CD that's going to be in two parts; I'm still trying to figure out what's going to go on disc 2... (G …
Cassette | Theme
Nightlines 305. Side A is the 9-1 from the Top 30. The first 5 on Side B are the "also rans" from the Top 30, and the rest are just misc tracks I used for filler.
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