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CD | Mixed Genre
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CD | Mixed Genre
Made to send out to LiveJournal and real life friends. Each mailed CD has a handwritten track list and hand-drawn cover art.
MP3 Playlist | Theme
Divided into five wonderful courses for your enjoyment: First Course, Tracks 1-4: Snacks Second Course, Third Course, Tracks 5-10: Drinks Third Course, Tracks 11-16: Salad Fourth Course, Tracks 17-20:  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
After the mysterious gift of a double-CD Mix from a good friend of mine, I've decided to repay the favor... He deserves it.
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
This started as just a general work mix, but I figured a way to impose a narrative structure on it. I think it works. Our Story: Bob is a guy with a job. It's an alright job, nothing fancy. He doesn't  …
CD | Theme
Nothing much to say, but a simple summer mix. Misirlou is the perfect leadoff, of course. Then, there's some songs about getting somewhere, and what better way to end a summer mix than with cries of "I …
CD | Mixed Genre
Made to send to a friend on LiveJournal as a thank you for the awesome Mix CD he sent me.
CD | Theme
The title says it all. I know the Devo track seems an anachronism, but the sentiment is there. Gerald Casale of Devo witnessed the shooting, and it affected him and the band greatly. I stand by their i …
CD | Mixed Genre
My roommate, who only listens to Metal and Weird Al has considered listening to new music. This is my attempt to lead him in new directions. It's all over the map, but still fairly tightly focused
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