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Rosie's Favorite Mixes

Rosie's Favorite Mixes

by reina1
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this mix is really really good with the likes of liszt, miles davis and radiohead. sounds very very very nice as i imagine it in my head
CD | Mixed Genre
this is the best mix anyone's ever made me. there.
CD | Theme
i genuinely like this mix and hope to see heaps more from sean!!
CD | Jazz
very very nice... best jazz mix i've seen here for ages!!! divine...
CD | Jazz
mmm, i tend to get so lost in thelonious monk and stan getz i forget about all the wonderful vocal jazz jast ella and sarah. this is fantastic!!
CD | Mixed Genre
lotsa rosie esque songs on this one
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a great mix for two great people!
by Corie
CD | Theme
beautiful. i love the piano too.
Cassette | Classical
good effort. really good effort. i've never made a classical tape...maybe i should. this is great. the russian composers were fantastic- no sentimental waltzes named after their favourite countesses- hell no, blood, and tears and revolution!!
by roach
Cassette | Mixed Genre
gorgeous. really really gorgeous. starting with ernie and bert, ending with yo la tengo, and so much goodness in between. phwoooar.
CD | Mixed Genre
fantastique! my friend elise would love this...much as i do. gorgeous. so parisian/accordian/happy vibes. like a tapdancing one legged cowboy.
CD | Classical
such a peaceful, effortless classical mix had to go on my favourites list. it's so serene and lovely and wonderful and all those other good things. i wish i had created this!!!
CD | Classical
oh man! this is gorgeous. those saint-saens and debussy are seriously two of my most favouritest pieces of all times!! and elgar, greig, rach and chopin are all stunning. in fact...everything in here is great...well, i must admit i am not a fan of pachabel... but otherwise this is just gorgeously cruisy. splendif!
CD | Mixed Genre
this is fantastical. apart from that whole great depression thing the 20's 30's were cruisingly good and this mix really represents that. bring on the martinis.
CD | Pop
this is an absolutely stunning sleep mix...i can never seem to make decent ones of these. perfection.