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Cassette | Mixed Genre
a waking up with a hangover on sunday morning (apres too much beer and capscicum) feeling a little displaced, a little confused, a little lethargic. so i killed my day making this one...
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this might be my last mix for a little while because i'm moving up to melbourne for university and it should be about a fortnight or so of beer-fuelled craziness! so, here's my last fulltime farmgirl m …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
for the ever-lovable bill, the very essence of campness, silliness, and diamond fetishes. he's moving to melbourne next week and had a dinner party last night as a "farewell". i made this tape as a lit …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
well, this is a strange beast. which reminds me of the bizarre thought i had in the dairy last night...imagine if i lived on a dragon farm instead of a dairy farm. which lead me to, well then, are drag …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i made this tape right after i found out i got into the uni of my choice so it's kind of a happy tape, but it's a bit odd. neeedless to say, i was making it whilst calling practically everyone i knew s …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i really don't know what i was thinking but all the same i think it holds up okay. i'm so tired i can't spell/type properly so apologies if this is all screwy. title from "sabrina" when audrey hepburn' …
Cassette | Theme
to keep me and the gang sane during dress rehearsals for the forthcoming mikado. collection of mainly old favourites. thanks to rob for "ko-ko" and lucy for extended borrow of beach boys vinyl. i have  …
Cassette | Theme
not just one theme kids...but a duel theme. not only is this a "december"'s a december in australia mix featuring all australian music...unless, i've accidently slipped something OS in, but i  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
made by alice, ari, rosie and sara (does the title make sense now?) in a sort of democratic way. just for fun. it's scary how similar all our CD collections are. made due to excessive consumption of gu …
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