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CD | Mixed Genre
Out of practice here at AotM. Hope everyone is having fab-o holidays. Moved from Pittsburgh to Baltimore a few months back. Music is still in boxes, had a big computer crash and lost a couple years' wo …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hello everyone! Lally here, semi-freshly relocated to Baltimore. Music still in boxes, but I was missing the whole mixing experience. So here's something of a trainwreck of a mix - fairly mellow with a …
CD | Mixed Genre
Nothing high-concept here, clearly. Just a late night mix for a day of driving. The title says it all - driving close to the curb, looking for gems amongst the garbage. Hope my AotM friends are ok - I  …
CD | Country
Hi kids. Some fave raves from a recent country night dj-ing extravaganza. Country music the way rock and rollers like it.
CD | Theme
A little stroll down the guitar boogie, popularized by Chuck Berry and Jeff Beck. Many versions of this little 'sing songy' chipper guitar tune exist - here are my favorites, and my own take on the the …
CD | Single Artist
Dan Treacy - a brilliant and gifted (if also troubled) songwriter. Reducing this to one disc was very difficult. Honestly, "Mummy your not watching me" and "They could have been bigger than the Beatles …
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme
Some time ago I had an entry in my "Guitarsnob Guidebook" series - an entry devoted to Link Wray, the inventor of RAWK GUITAR. This is the inevitible sequel, in two discs, with enough strong tracks for …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hiya, kids. Haven't had much time for mixes lately - heaven forfend! Here's a fun one that starts out with 3 garage numbers in the key of E - for EXTRA-ROCK! Track 10 is a newly-discovered fave -- I'm  …
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