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Part two of the "60s in the 80s" series. Branching out a bit more with this volume to include some other poppy tuneful artists. And I make no apologies for including all of side 1 from the first Bangle …
CD | Theme
Tunes from the 1980s "60s revival". Many of these bands were associated with the so-called Paisley Underground. In fact, I was turned on to a lot of great music thanks to these bands. I was especially  …
CD | Single Artist
A mix of electric and acoustic, studio and live, brilliant and pathetic...... Johnny Thunders died for your sins. Revised track listing - after "Lonely Planet Boy" we have "In Cold Blood." After "Sad V …
CD | Single Artist
There's a time in many a young man's life when he first discovers the Byrds. Maybe you were 19 or 20, first time living away from home, probably at a big state college. Leaves were falling and your hea …
CD | Theme
A child's first introduction to surf music, mixing old and new classics alike. Y'know, you can never have enough surf music in your collection. Rather than recommending old stuff, I always suggest that …
CD | Theme
This is an introduction to what is frequently my favorite genre of music, mid-late 60s garage rock. Some of the tunes are semi-famous, and other certainly should be. These are culled from various Pebbl …
CD | Single Artist
There can be only one greatest band in rock and roll. And that band is the Kinks. The Stones, the Beatles, The Who.... all very fine, but the Kinks made everlasting art. These songs are from my favorit …
CD | Pop
Yes, it's volume 2. Hopefully this will not incite a riot as the first volume did. I think I like this one more, actually. Enjoy, kids.
CD | Theme
Howdy. This is my first mix. The theme is, quite clearly, pop crap. I wanted to mix some of my fave recent pop songs with some tried and true classics. Nothing too crazy or obscure - just some great po …
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