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CD | Mixed Genre
Been outta the mix, so to speak, for a few weeks. The youngun's getting bigger and keeping me way busy. Plus, I landed another teaching gig doing history of science - a personal love o' mine. This mix  …
CD | Mixed Genre
For Jenny G, mainly because she needs to hear this Kaisers track. Mostly garage stuff here, with a handful of curve balls. Hope ya dig it deeply!
CD | Theme
Another would-be high concept piece, my tribute to all things scientific and skeptical - a companion disc to my semi-controversial mix from way back, "What makes a man turn his back on god?" Quite a fe …
CD | Single Artist
31. Whispering 32. Sleep. Guitarsnob Guidebook volume 6. Genius - that's what Chet Atkins was. He was a self-taught guitar phenomenon. He was a master producer, a stunning fingerstyle player and posse …
CD | Single Artist
Just about everyone my age has had a Talking Heads phase. Mine lasted about 5 minutes in college and I haven't thought about them much since then. Recently, I was going through their old catalog trying …
CD | Theme
Guitarsnob guidebook volume 5. Anyone who's followed my mixes probably saw this coming - my tribute to two great rock n roll guitarists with pretty different sounds and styles, but odd similarities. Th …
CD | Mixed Genre
I like it. Mind you, I think I have a bit of trouble with the flow of some tracks. Still, the tunes are boss and segments of the mix work quite well together. Maybe it needs some tweakin'. Thanks to ne …
CD | Mixed Genre
Warning - dorky mix approaching. Songs for little Astrid Lally, who recently passed her 10 week birthday. These are tunes I play for her on the gee-tar. She seems to like 'em, though sadly she doesn't  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A little mix, just for kicks. My way to kick off the summer - I'm making this as my students take their physics finals. Thanks to Peter for Danny Dell. Dedicated to the boys in Teen Riot, including mys …
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