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CD | Single Artist
Very difficult to shorten this mix - left off quite a few great tracks, so that I might feature many aspects of Zevon's career. You may be missing a few of your fave tracks - sorry! I'm a hit-or-miss Z …
CD | Mixed Genre
Sounded good on paper.
CD | Country
Guitarsnob Guidebook volume 4 - a return to the series I started a while back. This features some of my favorite moments in lightning-fast country guitar playing. Lately, I've been trying to emulate so …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for the 5 day old Astrid Isabelle Lally ..... once she grows to appreciate trashy rock (like her old man). Thanks for Dead Man for reminding me how great that Stoics tracks is, and thanks to Gerr …
CD | Mixed Genre
Guess what? My wife and I finally had our first daughter! Astrid Lally, with middle name as yet undetermined, is born. I could wax "poetic" for hours about how wonderful she is and how great I feel. It …
CD | Single Artist
There's a special curse to releasing a flawless debut lp. Truth is, Marshall Crenshaw has made a string of great pop records. Though occasionally hampered by heavy production (especially the late 80s d …
CD | Theme
Surfin' Bird!!!!! Is this the greatest song of the rock and roll era? Shit yeah, it is! Well,... I like it. This is a tribute to the song they'll be playing at my funeral, and the "Papa Ooh Mow Mow" th …
CD | Mixed Genre
The results from a super sick weekend - lost my voice for a while, but this is exactly what I wanted to say to everyone; it's auditory sign language. * Track 28 is actually side 1 from the Crimson Ghos …
CD | Pop
Pop meets melancholy meets psyche meets pigment - music to paint the walls by, or 'how I spent my weekend'. Original title (from the Amen Corner fave) was: La la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la  …
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