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Sort of a screwy mix, I guess; maybe I'm getting outta practice in the mix biz. Still, it's getting lots of airplay in the car these days. Plenty o' garage, surf & rockabilly, etc. - the standard Lally …
CD | Theme
A tribute to Divine and the films of John Waters. Who else could turn a 300 pound transvestite into a star? Who could inject life into the "acting" careers of Patty Hearst, Sonny Bono, Iggy Pop, and Tr …
CD | Theme
So here's the deal... My friend Mike decided to treat himself to a guitar. Now, Mike is in his 40s and has never really played an instrument before, but he knows a ton about pop music and he figured th …
CD | Theme
Yes, I know that another cool spy mix appeared today - sorry 'bout that. You know, you can never really have enough spy mixes. Thanks to Gerry and FWAK for tracks. I don't know about you but, doesn't b …
CD | Mixed Genre
Jes' some kee-razy monophonic sounds I've been diggin' lately. Must send some big thanks out to Gerry for tracking down some tracks so that this important disc could be compiled. Goes out to Dawn Daven …
CD | Theme
31. Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Sweet Gene Vincent. I've wanted to do this for quite some time, pay tribute to the greatest figures in rockabilly. These two sure cut a lot sides, though Gene's output a …
CD | Mixed Genre
Like the title, this mix is meant to be played three times fast. Some recent faves from last week's bowling alley dj stint - man, you could hear a pin drop! Not much else to say but .... "In the beginn …
CD | Pop
To celebrate my second anniversary on AotM - coming full circle, as it were. Thanks, everyone, for hipping me to some real boss sounds. What better way to celebrate than to dig out some crusty old crap …
CD | Theme
Merry Christmas, Loopy Lu! A rock n roll surf garage xmas extravaganza even heathens like me can dig. Many faves, including a healthy dose of Ventures and Straitjackets - inspired by last week's awesom …
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